About Me

I’ve always had a passion for science and nature. When I was 6 years old my mom brought home a book called “The Tree in the Ancient Forest.” Inside was a note from the illustrator telling me to follow my love of nature. I’ve been doing that ever since. It’s been a twisting road that included two changes in major, multiple research topics, world travel, a couple of injuries, and, finally, a B.S. and PhD in Biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Hiking in New Zealand (with a knee injury)
Teaching a study abroad program in Australia

I began exploring science communication while pursuing my PhD. I wrote guest blog posts and developed activities for local K-5 schools early on. After graduation, I followed the typical academic path and worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Oglethorpe University. I loved teaching, but I wanted the opportunity to bring the joys of scientific discovery to the larger world.

My research background is in ecology, and I studied how climate change is affecting marine ecosystems during my PhD. This research combined my two passions: science and sustainability/conservation. Today I develop science content through a range of mediums discussing these topics. On this website you can find links to my YouTube pages targeted towards K-5 kids (Dr. Nikki’s Science Show) and older kids/adults (Strange Nature). I also encourage you to check out my blog!

Scuba diving in Florida
Apple Picking

Whether it’s a video on YouTube or a blog post, you’ll find content talking about everything from weird phenomena in nature to a discussion on a new piece of scientific research. I’m excited you’re here!