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The Largest Living Thing Is…

A fungus. Yes, you read that right. The largest living thing on Earth is, in fact, a fungus. How? Is there a gigantic mushroom hidden deep in a forest somewhere? Not exactly. Although that would be both really cool and a bit terrifying. Could this be a giant mushroom hidden in the forest? Photo by… Continue reading The Largest Living Thing Is…

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Snowflake Science: Educational Activity for Kids

It’s officially January, and, if you live in the colder parts of the northern hemisphere, that means winter weather is in full force. I can’t think of a better time to start introducing kids to the science behind one of the most famous winter weather phenomena: snow!  There’s something magical about snow. Even those of… Continue reading Snowflake Science: Educational Activity for Kids

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Kool Koalas: Animal Activity for Kids

I love koalas. They're one of my favorite animals (my other one is a hammerhead shark!). I spent a few months traveling the South Pacific a few years ago, and I was able to see koalas up close and personal while in Australia. I still count it as one of the coolest experiences of my… Continue reading Kool Koalas: Animal Activity for Kids